Oh man.. I haven’t posted in SO LONG!  I am a little ashamed of myself, actually.  But it’s winter break now, so hopefully I will post more normally now.  I just got back home to St. Louis, and it’s wonderful!! I have already visited Trader Joe’s and gotten lots of yummy treats to enjoy before I leave next Wednesday .. for.. JAPAN!!! My mom and I are going to visit my brother in Tokyo, and my dad is coming over from Taiwan, so it’ll be a little family reunion in Japan.  We’re going to stay in Tokyo for most of the time, but go to Osaka and a few day trips from Osaka as well.  Can’t wait!!! (If anybody has any suggestions as to what to see, and more importantly, where/what to EAT… then let me know!)

Anyway, let me do a bit of catch up work now… the picture is from Phileo!! I finally managed to go with my roommate this semester, after hearing about it in the summer and wanting to go THE ENTIRE SEMESTER!!! Seriously, you wouldn’t think it would be so difficult to go out to get frozen yogurt, lol.. but since it is out on 4th and South it is a little bit more work to get to.  We actually went after we went to Foster’s for a free cooking demonstration Mark Vetri was doing there, along with a book signing for his new book, “Il Viaggio di Vetri,” which we both got signed!  Mmmm we got to sample his sweet onion crepe and ricotta gnocchi, and both were AMAZING!  It has been my goal to go to Vetri (or at least Osteria) before I graduate, and now, I’ve made it my roommate’s goal too!  In the meanwhile, we have said we are going to try to make the sweet onion crepe on our own, so let’s see if that ever happens…

Anyway, on to Phileo! The great thing about Phileo is that they have so many different flavors to try!! The bad thing about Phileo is that they have so many different flavors to try!! I basically had to try every flavor, and my cup ended up being this massive mix of crazy colors and also ended up being quite expensive.  The flavors I remember getting were… blueberry, mango, strawberry, green tea, taro, pineapple, and cheesecake.  And then I got a lot of fruit toppings, which were pretty good for the most part (kiwi was not so great… but mango was good!) and they even had little mini mochi pieces!! All in all, a fun and yummy trip.  Although, I did get yelled at b/c apparently you aren’t supposed to take pictures of their machines?  We didn’t really understand why, but it’s okay, I took the picture before they got mad, and I didn’t delete it. HA!

Okay, that’s it for now.. hopefully I’ll post again soon!

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