back back back!

Oh man, back at school… How the heck did that happen?
But it’s good to be back. I went to Tampopo last night, and got the fresh tuna bi-bim-bap. Delicious!! Please try this dish immediately.

It’s on 21st, b/w Chestnut and Walnut, and conveniently close to Capogiros, where I got their espresso granita… I was really tempted to get their Blueberry Yogurt, but I wanted to try the granita after seeing pictures of it on Egullet. I was not disappointed in the slightest. Perfect for summer with the thickest whipped cream I have ever had. Seriously, I don’t even know how they did that. It comes out of this whipped cream machine that I have never seen before, but it is fantastic. I can’t wait until they open the Capogiros and Naked Chocolate Cafe on campus. Whoo!!!! Goodbyeeee money!

And then, of course, on the walk back, we had to stop by Trader Joe’s, my second trip there in the past week. I have an addiction to buying groceries at a rate far greater than the rate at which I consume them… So far my favorite purchases from TJ’s is their white bean hummus (my favorite hummus there so far, out of the millions that they have…), cocoa almonds, and Caribbean fruit floes. Yummmm.

I’m in the process of putting together my kitchen with pots and utensils and what not. Hopefully I can cook soon. In the meanwhile, I have TJ’s and my newly purchased 2009 Zagat guide that I have already started thumbing through…

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