ahhhh! chocolate, to the rescue

I can feel the impending doom…
My MCATs are at 8am tomorrow.. eek!!

Fortunately, I have managed to find comfort and relief in chocolate, caramel, and hazelnut forms. My brother recently returned from San Francisco, where he visited Recchuiti per my request! Being the kind and chocolate-loving brother that he is, he brought back the Black box, a box of burnt caramel almonds, and a jar of Recchuiti burnt caramel sauce. YUM!! We are in the midst of devouring all these things, especially that burnt caramel sauce, which was served warm over rich, creamy Haagen Dazs vanilla ice-cream and topped with toasted crunchy almonds. And yes, it was wonderful.

PLUS, I made a cake for my brother (to be posted later!) and we’re also enjoying my jar of Fauchon’s coffee-hazelnut spreading cream I got when I was in Paris this spring.

Hmm, I guess it all seems slightly excessive now that I’m writing about it. I sorta feel like the often talked about little kid in the candy store…..except I’m a BIG kid, with a lot of expensive gourmet sweets. AND IT’S AWESOME!

In other news though, in efforts to NOT think about my MCATs and freak out unnecessarily, I really wanted to start volunteering and doing more things for the Obama campagin. After tomorrow, I won’t have to worry about studying anymore (well, until school starts……), so I’d love to start being more involved in the campaign efforts. So far, I’ve only gone around to try to register voters once, and I’m itching to get more involved… Does anybody have any good ideas or experiences with how to do this using baked goods?? I haven’t had enough experience with this, so I’m not really sure what is effective or what people are receptive to…but it’d be super cool (plus delicious) to incorporate baked goods into trying to get people to vote for Obama!

Anyway, hopefully I’ll post happy thoughts after my exam is done. Can’t wait…

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