breakfast items: croissants and granola

In the past week, I made my own croissants and granola for the first time! Yes, two items on opposite sides of the breakfast spectrum… but both delicious! One being sinfully saturated with butter, the other being virtuously nourishing. One taking two days to produce, the other but 15 minutes at the most to measure and mix. Either way, both were fun and exciting, and most of all, yummy yummy.

Actually, although I usually eat croissants for breakfast (as I guess most do…), it worked out that it was most convenient to serve them during dinner time for my family. So that night, our dinner consisted of croissant, steak, and vegetables………stir-fried in lard. Needless to say, our arteries were hurting a little after. But, oh, the fresh and warm croissants!!!!! I was so scared to make my own croissants, I must’ve watched the Baking with Julia PBS video online like 5 times for each segment.

I actually used the Tartine recipe, because it gave quantities for active dry yeast, whereas the Baking with Julia recipe calls for fresh yeast. The Tartine recipe also seemed like it would provide a better flavor (don’t ask me exactly why I thought this, because I obviously don’t know the methods for making the most flavorful croissants…). That and going back and forth between two sets of instructions might’ve been the cause for the severe issues I had by the last turn and shaping of the croissants when my dough started to tear and butter peaked out everywhere…but I tried to suffocate the butter with as much flour as I could, and prayed that it all turned out okay.

But, what do you know! Out of the oven came buttery and flakey pastries that my family loves so much, with that great fermented croissant flavor. Actually, my family usually just buys a humongous tray of them from Sam’s Club…but hooray for me, they pronounced them as better than Sam’s. 😀 I still have half of the batch lying in my freezer, but I don’t know if I’ll make them again any time soon…but I did have to make them at least once!! Another summer baking project, checked off!

Now, onto the granola… it is Nigella Lawson’s “Andy’s Fairfield Granola” from Feast. (If you google, it will come up…sorry, too lazy to type it out right now) I wanted to make it as close to Nigella’s as possible, but alas, I wanted more to just make the granola and eat it. So, having no sunflower seeds, I tossed in some wheat germ instead, and instead of raisins, the last of my dried raspberries were used. I also used my new agave nectar in place of brown rice syrup. The applesauce gave it an amazing aroma while it was baking.. ahhh. All in all, twas a delicious granola, although it’s probably hard to screw up granola.

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  1. Those croissants are so beautiful. I tried once to do it but it ended up in such a mess that I gave up after the 2nd try.

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