Crepes! Crepes! Crepes!

Yay, this past Sunday we took a nice walking trip down to Center City’s La Creperie Cafe to stuff our bellies full with these light and tender pancakes:

My other crepe experiences in Philadelphia consist of Houston Hall’s Creperie and the Crepewalk food cart on Penn’s campus.  I was actually really excited about the crepes in Houston Hall before because it was humongous and nearly exploding with indulgent nutella, strawberry, and bananas.  However, with each order, I got more and more tired of the heavy and overbearing pancake that was trying to pass as a crepe.  The Crepewalk’s crepe is an improvement, but not enough (esp. due to my poor experience with the man who runs the truck.)

But that’s where La Creperie Cafe comes in! I ordered the most classic of “Les Classiques,” Gâteau de Crêpe au Jambon: Ham, Swiss Cheese, Spinach, Mushrooms & Garlic.  It was exactly what I was looking for…with all the simple flavors combining to form my favorite crepe experience yet.  My friends ordered more daringly from the “Les Tentanes: Very Creative Mix” portion of the menu with LOrientale, with a creative mix indeed of Couscous, Chicken Breast, Dry Raisins, Olives and also Merguez et Fromage, featuring their lamb sausage.  While these were certainly more exciting than my own crepe, personally I loved mine the most.  Plus, I have found that I just don’t care for couscous.  Who needs tiny little grains?? Especially in their crepe. Not meeee!

And of course, following up our savory crepes with dessert crepes was a must.  La Finale with Flambé Banana in Rum, Strawberries & Coulis de Chocolat called out to me, and was indeed a great finale.

Also ordered at the table were Le Fraisier: Strawberries, Sugar, Rum & Whipped Cream, and Oh La LaBananas with Nutellla, Grand Marnier and Whipped Cream (which I actually wished I had ordered… I always fall for nutella and choc/hazelnut).  

Some bites of crepe had a delicious, crunchy-sugar topping, as if they bruleed the top just slightly.  As delicious as these dessert crepes were, I think we mainly agreed that the savory ones shined more here than their dessert ones.

La Creperie Cafe has revived my perspective and love of crepes, and now, I set out for crepes from Beau Monde, the recently spotted crepe cart on Drexel’s campus, and hopefully if all goes as planned, France when I study abroad there next spring! 😀

La Creperie Cafe

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  1. Yay for Penn food blogging — I’m so glad that you found us! Also, you should check out the restaurant Beau Monde at 6th and Bainbridge — my favorite crepes in the city. Good luck with finals to you too!

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