my love of gelato

Seeing as how this blog is new, I figured I should backtrack a bit over some of the things I have eaten in Philadelphia and love dearly.  One of those is Capogiro’s gelato.  Although I haven’t gone to Italy to have authentic gelato, I imagine it couldn’t get much better than this (and it is actually much better than gelato in St. Louis…).  Besides their high quality gelato, it is just so much fun to go with your friends or family and have like five samples of their unique, fresh flavors that they keep coming up with (just to give a few examples, one time I had Lemon Opal Basil sorbet, Sea Salt gelato, Rosemary Goat’s Milk gelato…).  Besides Bacio (the love of my life), I also really like their “Cioccolato Scuro” (dark and somehow fudgy chocolate) plus their Blood Orange, Turkish Coffee (a delicious variation to normal cappucino/coffee), and Saigon Cinnamon.  Another reason why Capogiro’s is amazing is because the flavors they offer changes daily and they put them on their website so you can check obsessively like me.  And that’s why I am now really sad that I cannot go to Capogiro’s today to try their Menta-Menta Stracciatella (mint chocolate chip), Amarena (Fior Di Latte Swirled With Imported Black Cherries), okay the list goes on.  So basically, if you haven’t gone to Capogiro’s yet… GO NOOOWWW!!!  (Or at least check out their website and dream of gelato with me!)

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