here we go!

So a new blog begins!  I haven’t had a blog in quite some time… I guess after reading all the amazing food blogs led me to believe that I didn’t have experiences to blog about, no lyrical, creative way to present my thoughts.  And I probably still don’t.  BUT, I have had a sudden random desire to blog again, hooray!  Plus, I want to document my eating adventures and experiences for all of time! I adore all food, but as the title of my blog indicates, I tend to have gluttonous habits with desserts, but I focus more on the evolving meaning of gourmand, which is that I have a deep appreciation and discerning palate when it comes to anything sweet.

So, to start off my blog…today I did a bit of food shopping in an effort to revive my currently listless soul.  I am currently a student in Philadelphia, and when not having to study I am left to my own thoughts too much…which is a little unhealthy.  I set off towards Metropolitan Bakery under the warm afternoon rays, hoping to find a great chocolate chip cookie I have been fantasizing about for the past week.  After I got into the store though, the oversized cookie behind the display glass looked like the dry, crunchy variety that simply wouldn’t do, so I looked on.  Nothing really spoke out to me, except when I saw the canneles, I felt like the tiny burnt-brown treat would restore my spirit. 

Taking Metropolitan’s cannele out of the bag, I could tell the crust was not as it should have been, and I knew it would not live up to the canneles in France.  But, that wasn’t the point.  I wanted to be transported back to the carefree, wonderful time I had in Paris, and that’s what it did.  I had my first cannele during my first trip to Paris this spring…it was a surreal moment, sitting on the bench outside of Boulangerie Bechu, which I had read as having one of the best chocolate croissants in Paris.  Despite the hotel breakfast we had just consumed (that had included a chocolate croissant), we feasted on chocolate croissant, with a side of chocolate brioche (which sadly paled after the croissant), topped off by cannele.  It was crusty on the outside, custard-like on the inside, just as I had read about so many times. 

Biting into Metropolitan’s cannele, I found the creamy richness that reminded me of my wonderful trip, full of discovery and excitement, and thus encouraged me to trek on… at least, until my next sweet.

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